cognient group

Cognient's Core Beliefs

Cognient’s client-focused business strategy is based on:

Integrity – The trust of our clients, professionalism and independence from conflicts is at the core of Cognient’s priorities.

Excellence – Cognient employs the “best and the brightest” people in the business – by implementing compensation systems that motivate employees but also align their interests with those of our clients. We have a work environment that is flexible, creative and stimulating.

Ideas – Cognient focuses on generating the best solutions for clients based on the practical, industry-based experience of our staff, the intellectual rigor of our processes and the creativity which our collaborative environment nurtures. Our goal is not to compete based on the size or clout in the marketplace but rather on the potency of our ideas.

Integration – Many firms with diverse service offerings give lip service to the idea of integrating the knowledge and insight of its staff across different platforms. Cognient designed its ownership, compensation and cultural platform to assure that this is integral to how Cognient services clients.